Water Extraction/Drying

Water Extraction/Drying

When dealing with a flooded room (or rooms), the first priority is to remove as much water as possible as quickly as possible. This is known as water extraction or "wet-vac." Thorough vacuuming of the water requires top-performing equipment. Many carpet cleaning companies purchase their truck-mounted equipment with standard vacuum motors. At Carpet Care Multi Services, we utilize upgraded motors for additional vacuuming power. This means more water removed from the start, reducing the occurrence of mildew growth or musty odors. And although we spend extra money on better equipment, you won't see that reflected in our prices. We understand that quality work will generate more business and the costs will take care of themselves.

Even with premium cleaning equipment, there will be some moisture left in the carpet. The natural drying process (see below) can be sped up and enhanced with the use of specialized drying equipment and the application of correct chemicals.

The obstacle to overcome with natural drying is saturation. As water evaporates from the carpet into the room air, that air soon becomes saturated, or full of moisture. If the saturated air stays directly above the carpet, there is nowhere for the moisture in the carpet to go. This eventually leads to mildew and odor problems. The moist air above the carpet must be moved out of the way to make way for dry air from the room to come in and absorb more moisture out of the carpet.


When there has been severe flooding, air movement alone will have limited results. Nature seeks a balance in all things. The carpet contains more moisture than the air, so the water moves as a vapor into the air. The air will soon have more moisture than the walls and other surroundings, so the air will be absorbed into these. Eventually, all things are equally saturated. When that occurs, no more drying can take place.

Dehumidifiers are designed to mechanically remove the moisture out of the air, convert it from a vapor back to liquid water and dispose of that water. As the air dries, it is able to absorb more moisture from the carpet as well as the rooms surroundings, perhaps even preventing the loss due to water damage of such items as curtains, fabric-upholstered furniture, books, photos, etc.


Blowers are also called air movers or air handlers. Their job is just what it sounds like – they move air. Commercial blowers, such as those used by Carpet Care Multi Services, are designed for maximum air movement, contributing to a much speedier dry-out than natural drying alone.

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