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resurfacing cabinetsCabinet resurfacing has become a very affordable way to give kitchen or bathroom cabinets a brand new lease of life for a fraction of the cost of a new installation. By retaining the core structure of your cabinets the boxes, Cabinet Resurfacing is always cheaper and even more eco-friendly than demo-and-replace renovations.

Kitchen or Bathroom cabinet resurfacing in most instances means refinishing doors and drawer fronts as well as the cabinet boxes. New hardware can be installed if requested to ensure the cabinets operate smoothly and look like brand new cabinets. Often, people can not tell the difference if a cabinet is new or has been resurfaced.

Various color finishes are always available for resurfacing, so please ask our sales team what your options are, we will only be too happy to show the full range of style colors available and what is suitable for your project.

Cabinet Resurfacing also can take as little as a few days or less to complete compared to full new cabinet installations which may take weeks to plan, measure and install.

Kitchens of all ages and types can normally be resurfaced provided the base cabinet boxes are structurally sound, often older boxes are stronger and sturdier than newer boxes so are sometimes better candidates for resurfacing.

Ask our sales team for a no obligation appraisal of your kitchen or bathroom resurfacing project and let the experts at Carpet Care Multi Services take care of everything for you.