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Often overlooked in the home the condition of the bathtub can have a significant impact on how someone feels about a home. Resurfacing a bath tub is a cost effective and rewarding alternative to expensive replacement renovations. Home buyers invariably focus in two areas when buying a home, the kitchen and the bathroom and will often try to place themselves in the space, living life.

If the bath tub surface is faded, cracked, has chips or is severely stained or discolored then it can detract from the rest of the house and make any home feel old and neglected.

Resurfacing a bath tub is a practical and very affordable way to bring any bathroom back to life. Carpet Care Multi Surfaces experts in resurfacing can also resurface tiled areas and counter space, like vanities and cabinets, to ensure your bathroom looks like new again. The images below are from an actual resurfacing project we conducted not long ago. As you can see the change is dramatic to say the least and changes the whole look and feel of the space.

The bathroom resurfacing can add value to your own home, your investment property or your vacation home and improve the enjoyment of your bathroom for many many years.

Check the swatches to find your favorite color and contact us today for a free estimate. Resurfacing is extremely more cost effective than replacement and can be completed in a fraction of the time. With our 100% quality guarantee you can't go wrong.

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