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Carpet Care Multi Services Merge With CCS

We are very excited to announce Carpet Care Multi Services has merged with CCS, Carpet Cleaning Services of GA. Operations will continue under the Carpet Care Multi Services banner and CCS owner Rickey Sanderson has been appointed to the position of Vice President in the new management team. Rickey Sanderson with the merger brings increased technical knowledge, certifications for water restoration, mold remediation, structural drying and 15+ years of experience in the industry. CCS technicians are already fully trained and strengthen our staff of skilled technicians in the field.

Mr Sanderson related "The merger gives us a greater ability to provide improved service for our existing customers and the ability to expand our customer portfolio. We have been a small crew in a big pond, now we are part of a much bigger crew and will have the resources to reach areas that we never could before."

Greg Frost, President of Carpet Care Multi Services added, 'The fact that is we are adding a great asset to our sales team and more skilled technicians to improve our on site quality. It also broadens the scope of work we can provide by knowledgeable technicians on a day to day basis and will improve our efficiency to conduct work and provide services to all our customers."

CC Multi New Website & Social Media Launch

We are very pleased to publicly release our new website, social media connections and media branding to further our commitment to meeting the needs of our current clients and potential customers. The website now fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter apps is designed on the latest Content Management System platform and will enable us to bring you more focused product information and timely industry highlights and news.

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